Key Stage 1 Nativity Plays: Fun and Engaging Performances

Easy-to-Learn KS1 Nativity Scripts for Young Performers

Christmas Nativities & Musicals for Key Stage 1

Presenting a School Nativity Plays performance has become a cherished holiday tradition in numerous educational institutions. Our range of nativity shows and Christmas musicals for kids come with straightforward, often comical scripts that can be customized to accommodate either small or large casts. Every song in our Christmas shows contributes to the enchanting atmosphere that makes this season particularly special for children. With a repertoire of 20 nativities and Christmas musicals, we offer something that will perfectly align with your school's celebration of this magical season.

Our portfolio of shows is designed to engage various age groups (ks1, ks2 & primary school), making them suitable for different primary school grades as well as preschool students.

Due to high demand, many of the School Nativity Plays musicals featured here also come with "Sing It!". This intuitive technology allows for effortless projection of lyrics during both practice sessions and live shows. The text is automatically synced with the accompanying music, making the process incredibly convenient.

For those located in the USA, you'll find that our nativity plays and Christmas musicals are an excellent fit for your Sunday school's holiday pageant.

School Nativity Plays