Manger Mouse

By Dave Corbett

Ages 5-7

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30 minutes
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Manger Mouse just loves food! He leaves his stable in Bethlehem in search of scraps at the busy market place. On his return he finds that the stable is very busy indeed! Three visiting Kings mean some posh nosh, Cook is making a pie for some Shepherds and a very special baby has been born.

Manger Mouse is a lovely, simple infant nativity. It is easy to stage and teach making it appealing to those less confident in staging productions or the NQT.



The six Narrators welcome the audience to the play before introducing Manger Mouse and his family who live under a manger in a stable in Bethlehem.

Scene One: Manger Mice

The Stable Mice have just polished off some oats but today is market day which means lots of people dropping lots of yummy treats! Manger Mouse heads to town with a sack hoping to bring back a feast for his family.

Scene Two: No Room At The Inn

With so many Travellers and Romans in Bethlehem there is no room at any of the inns. A very tired couple who are expecting a baby are desperately trying to find a place to stay. A kindly Innkeeper takes pity on the pair and offers them shelter in his stable... the home of Manger Mouse and his family!

Scene Three: The Market

Bethlehem town is swarming with people and Manger Mouse is in his element collecting the scraps of food that have been dropped. A very busy and productive day for Market Traders and Mice alike!

Scene Four: On The Hillside

Four unsuspecting Shepherds are sat together on a cold starry night guarding their sheep. A group of Angels appear and deliver a very special message about the birth of a new baby king.

Scene Five: Three Kings

After travelling for miles following a star, three tired Kings and their Camels reach Bethlehem. There may be no room at any of the inns but being a King has it benefits! An Innkeeper offers to give up his room for the trio of royal visitors.

Scene Six: The Stable Yard

Manger Mouse returns from the market armed with his sack full of goodies to discover that the quiet stable yard he left is now very crowded indeed. So many visitors mean more scrummy food... Three Kings mean posh nosh and Cook is making Shepherd's pie!

Scene Seven: Baby Jesus

As the baby Jesus lies in the manger above the home of Manger Mouse, the crowd of visitors enter the stable and present their gifts to him. The birth of such a special baby and a very full little mouse make it a truly wonderful day!

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Lovely nativity with simple songs that were so easy to teach.

Sally Ward, Year 2 teacher

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