Creepy Crawly Christmas

By Craig Hawes

Ages 7-11

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45 minutes
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From the writer of "Zoom!" and "The Magical Christmas Box" comes a brand new Christmas musical for Primary Schools. "Creepy Crawly Christmas" is a delightfully different look at the Nativity - through the eyes of a caterpillar! Wilfred is the slowest, silliest caterpillar in the school, and the butt of his classmates' jokes. So when a star falls from the sky and lands on him, he decides to prove himself by discovering what this mystery object is and return it to where it came from. Of course, this is no ordinary star and Wilfred's quest becomes more important than he ever imagined! Will he succeed? Will he earn his wings and become a butterfly? We follow his journey as he meets a host of crazy creatures and learns about the true meaning of Christmas. This colourful, magical tale is bursting with bugs, including dotty old ladybirds, an army of ants, a squadron of RAF dragonflies, a hairy scary spider and four rather familiar Liverpudlian beetles!

The festive fun is brought to life with 8 superb songs that will have everyone singing along and a humorous script which hides a twist at the end. Flexible casting allows parts for a small class or an entire school and beautifully arranged backing tracks are available on CD. A CD of vocal tracks is also available which can be used for rehearsals and performances.

A superb DVD of Creepy Crawly Christmas is now available.


This imaginative Christmas play follows Wilfred the caterpillar on a journey as he attempts to earn his wings to become a butterfly.

An upbeat song opens the show 'Its Christmas Again' and this is followed by a classroom setting where Madame Butterfly is taking a register; the names are witty with "Anne Tenor" being a prime example. Unfortunately, Wilfred was not blessed with a clever name, nor the intelligence to go with it and the other caterpillars do not hesitate to remind him of it, but despite this, they all join in to sing 'Wilfred Our Mate.' Unfortunately, Wilfred feels he will never earn his wings and decides to run away, free from the teasing and mocking. But Wilfred has no idea what he has let himself in for, when a star suddenly falls from the sky and he makes the decision to prove himself worthy and return it.

Soldier Ants march onto stage and offer their opinions on the "Unidentified Falling Object" in the song 'What Is It?'.

Unable to help, the ants march Wilfred to the ladybirds who, although able put a name to the UFO, are not able to identify which part of the sky it came from. With barely a moment to rest, Wilfred is sent crawling to the crickets.

In a slightly different twist to the traditional nativity story, it was the crickets that saw the star appear in the sky and hence tell Wilfred to follow the stars that will lead him to a manger. 'Starlight' follows as Wilfred gazes up to the sky for guidance.

Unfortunately, Wilfred reaches a large obstacle soon after, but in an entertaining interaction between the caterpillar and Italian-fleas they are able to jump over the fallen tree. However, Wilfred is barely able to catch a breath as Soloman the Spider presents the young caterpillar with a tangled mess! Luckily, Wilfreds journey does not end here as he is relieved to find Solomans taste buds prefer flies. 'Webtastic' follows with some extremely clever lyrics.

Allowed to leave by Soloman, Wilfred then finds himself under the wings of Queen Bee who is preparing for a party with her royal subjects. As Wilfred hastily drinks a jar of nectar, there are surprise musical guests - the Beetles! Although not one of their signature tunes, 'Creepy Crawly Christmas Time' is sung.

Suddenly, everything becomes quiet and Wilfred finds himself alone again, but luckily is joined by the dragonflies who have been sent to rescue him. After introducing themselves during 'The Dragonfly Brigade' Wilfred, with a helping hand from a dragonfly, manages to place the star back in the sky. Madame Butterfly appears beside Wilfred and explains to him the importance of what he has done. 'King of Creation' follows, and in case you were in any doubt, Wilfred succeeded in earning his wings. 'Creepy Crawly Christmas Time (reprise)' is the perfect, lively song to end on.

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I left Primary school 2 yrs ago. I performed Creepy Crawly Christmas in my last year. I was Wilfred the main character. I loved the show!

Richard Cobb - Cast Member.

We LOVE doing this performance!! We are performing it in about 2 weeks time. I am Wilfred and am really looking forward to it!! Hope all goes well!! x x x

- Burnham Upper School

Script is amusing with lots of food for thought. Most of our 60 year 3's had speaking parts. They found the script and song words fun and easy to learn. A fantastic show for which we received AMAZING reviews!

Lyall Wade - Key Stage 2 Teacher.

We performed this last year with our Year 1,2 and 3 children - a huge cast of 70 plus performers! It was superb... the characters were wonderful, there was great scope for fantastic costumes and scenery and the children absolutely LOVED performing it for their mums and dads!

Class Teacher - Keyingham Primary School

I was wilfred and i loved it so did the school.

Coco - Runnwell Community Primary School

it is a brilliant fantastic script and play to actout and watch jit brought laughtter and happiness to the adutince thanks

Sophie Truscott - St Dennis c.p school

this play's great, i love the dragonfly song! im a dragonfly!

Pinkpenguin - St Dennis school

I love webtastic an starlit an wilfred are mate

Max - Croft primary


Joshua - Harstanes primary school

i was a flea in the conset

- Ffaldau primary

This was a fantastic brillliant massive good production it was the best we ever done.

Sophie Truscott - St Dennis c.p school

I was a ladybird/dotty it was an amazing show to perform loved every muinet of it x

Tonie,Lucy. - Hollybush primary school

I loved it i could not believe it

Bradley - Monkray School

I played Madam Butterfly and adored it! Funny, sweet and memorable. A play to remember and a must see. Recommended with enthusiasm!

Sophie, Cast member - Newton Longville School

It was amazing. i played a role in the nativity as an angel.
Christmas Again and King of Creation are my songs. i love all the songs.

Priscilla - New Testament Baptist Church School

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