By Dave Corbett

Ages 5-7

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25 minutes
Speaking Roles
Cast Size
Ideal Cast Size

"Starlight" is an ideal nativity play for small schools, offering an easy-to-stage format that caters perfectly to limited staging facilities, making it a superb choice for those producing an Infant Nativity for the first time. It's particularly accommodating for Newly Qualified Teachers, as the script includes valuable hints and tips. The musical aspect of "Starlight" is especially engaging, with songs that feature lovely repetition, and the standout number "There's a Star" is sure to be a memorable hit. This tune, along with others, will linger with the audience, leaving parents humming the melodies for days.

In terms of content, "Starlight" introduces the Herod narrative, ensuring active engagement from young male students. With 23 speaking roles and a solo for Mary, the play provides ample opportunity for student participation. Moreover, its flexible casting allows for an extensive range of additional parts, such as Guards, Angels, General Public, Additional Travelers, Attendants, Stars, and Market Traders, enabling a large and inclusive cast. The play is also perfectly suited for the inclusion of Early Years children, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive experience for all participants.


Scene One: On a country road going to Bethlehem.

Mary and Joseph meet travellers and see a large star travelling across the sky.

Scene Two: The streets of Jerusalem.

The three kings get lost looking for a baby king.
They ask Herod if he knows where they can find him.

Scene Three: The streets of Bethlehem.

Mary and Joseph look desperately for somewhere to stay as market traders sell their wares around them.

Scene Four: On the hills above Bethlehem.

The angels tell the shepherds of the baby lying in the manger.

Scene Five: In the stable.

Kings and shepherds come to see the baby

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This was SO easy to stage.

Infant Teacher - South London

Such a delightful show with beautiful music and simplicity. Thanks for the chance to be able to adapt it so that all 94 Year 1 children had a speaking role even if it was small. The Kinder classes are looking forward to their turn to shine next time, but they loved supporting all the singing and getting dressed up. Parents just loved it - what more can you say?

Mrs C - Tangara School for Girls

"Starlight" by Dave Corbett stands out as an exquisite gem. Right from the get-go, it is evident that the play has been crafted with great consideration for schools, particularly those with limited staging resources. Its simplicity in staging is a testament to its versatility, making it a commendable choice for institutions that might be venturing into producing an Infant Nativity for the very first time.

Miss Judge

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