The Bethlehem Star

By Dave Corbett

Ages 5-7

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30 minutes
Speaking Roles
Cast Size
Ideal Cast Size

"The Bethlehem Star" is an impressive Infant Nativity.

It is good for a large cast and will take an unlimited number of extras.

It breaks down easily into composite parts for rehearsal purposes.

Boys in particular love this Nativity.

In "Choir of Angels" you have a show-stopping song which will bring the house down.

There are 31 speaking roles.

The script includes extensive Production Notes + "Often forgotten" hints & tips for making your show a success.

This is the funniest Nativity we have seen with humour that Infants can both understand and carry off easily.


Scene One: An office at The Bethlehem Star news papyrus.

The Star is desperate for a scoop. The editor encourages his reporters to get out and find a story worth telling ... not just a donkey or some figs or some slippery oil thieves.

Scene Two: A scoop missed.

If only they knew! 'Babies are born all the time ... nothing special about yours'. What a bungle.

Scene Three: Keep your head down.

The Roman soldiers are BIG, STRONG, ROUGH and SCARY ... But at least one has itchy, knitted underpants.

Scene Four: A real scoop.

Although the reporter's quill is bent, there's quite a regal story here.

Scene Five: Scooperdooper.

The shepherds don't have a story ... apart from ... what's this? Wow, wow and more wow ... angels!!! Scooooop!

Scene Six: Thee best inn in town.

No, that's not a typo, it really is THEE best inn in town ... but it's full. See if you can guess what happens.

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Wow.....this was spectacular!

Audience member

Great fun, especially for the audience who loved the media related content. From the moment I picked up the script and saw the brilliant humour (E Bray for donkeys) I knew it was going to be good. And it was.

Clive Ward

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