The Magical Christmas Box

By Craig Hawes

Ages 5-11

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35 minutes
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It's Christmas Eve ! Two small children ask their wise Grandfather what Christmas is all about. He gives them a magical box which, with the help of its Keepers, takes the children on an amazing adventure. Through the places they visit and the people they meet, they learn about the meaning of Christmas. On the way they collect jigsaw pieces which help to make up the Christmas picture. The final, central piece is found in Bethlehem, and the children return home knowing the true meaning of Christmas. Seven wonderful, catchy songs bring this exciting tale to life, and a superb backing track is available with AND without vocals on CD or MP3 download. A magical yet simple and flexible production with parts for between 30 and 138 children aged 5 to 11.


The musical begins with 'Tell Me Why' which explores the meaning of Christmas and is the perfect song to start with as Jake and Jenny become inquisitive over what Christmas is all about. Their grandfather hands them a box to answer their questions, and two Keepers appear who take them on a magical journey to explore the true significance of Christmas. 'Little Box' follows.

Their first destination is a German forest, and the Christmas trees explain what they represent. 'Im A Little Christmas Tree' is a lively song that follows. The Christmas presents then hand the two children a jigsaw piece which they place on the board with the keepers. 'Little Box' is sung as the children are desperate to understand the answers that it holds.

The following scene will fill the stage with colour and energy as the Christmas foods comes to life and explains their importance, and why there is so much of them on Christmas Day! 'Christmas Food' is sung, but before the turkeys and Christmas puddings take their place at the table, the crackers hand Jenny and Jake their second jigsaw piece which they place on the board. 'Little Box' follows.

From inside, to the cold winter weather outside, Jenny, Jake and the Keepers come across snowmen who explain their significance. 'Hes A Fat Man' is a jolly alternative to 'Walking in the Air' as the snowmen come to life and the children are given another piece to their jigsaw. 'Little Box' is sung.

Travelling further North than they thought, the Keepers and children arrive at the North Pole where the Elves explain why children receive presents. The following information may even be news to the parents as the Elves throw in some trivia, explaining that Santa has several names, depending on which country hes in! 'Santas Helping Elves' is sung before the fourth piece of the jigsaw is revealed and 'Little Box' is sung again.

The final piece of the jigsaw reveals itself at the stable as the children are transported to not only a different place, but back in time to Bethlehem where the traditional nativity story is performed - a shortened version of course! 'Under A Star' is a more traditional Christmas song that brings an end to the nativity scene.

Satisfied that they know the meaning of Christmas, the Keepers disappear and the musical ends with a reprise of 'Tell Me Why.'

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A very enjoyable musical item that conveys the true meaning of Christmas. Lots of parts, great songs, and most of all the children loved performing it!

Michelle Ladkins - Music Co-Ordinator.

We had the most successful production of this play. We expanded the script for our 90+ 6 year olds. It was easy to work with, the songs were fantastic and stylish. Each year One class took a scene from the play, so it was also easy to rehearse.

Justine Page - Key Stage 1 Co-Ordinator.

A great play which was enjoyed by everyone!

Anon - St Albans R.C. Primary School

Superb production that was enjoyed by all. Very easy to share out parts for as many children as you want. Songs are catchy and very easy to put dance routimes to. Performed by 7-9 year olds and deffo suitable for all ages!

Laura Henderson - Wootey Junior School

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