The Good, The Bad And The Donkey

By Malcolm Sircom

Ages 7-11

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50 minutes
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Another light-hearted, feel-good Musical nativity from the same stable (no pun intended) as The Little Shepherd. Once again we have a dancing Doris - this time it's Doris the Donkey. The Good are a band of Angels out to thwart the Bad, a group of Devils bent on wrecking the Nativity. Some industrial espionage in the Devil's ranks make sure that the Angels win through. There will be no problem in fitting in as many children as you want into the cast.

This highly original and entertaining treatment, which children will love to perform and staff to produce, is both funny and moving, and is backed by a score as tuneful as its predecessor.


'Band of Angels' opens this humorous and eventful Christmas play as the angels enter and introduce themselves - Angela being the chief angel! As they explain to the audience their achievements that day (including making a teenager tidy his room?) they all fall fast asleep on Cloud Nine, exhausted from the days events.

Before long, the Devils enter and sing 'Devils' as they line up and share their achievements with the audience. Unfortunately, theirs are far more extreme including pestilence and salmonella. Chief Devil however is displeased with these events and decides that the Christmas Extravaganza will be to wreck the nativity! Unfortunately, as they get carried away with the excitement and shout louder and louder, the angels overhear and promise to do all they can to thwart the plans. 'Angels and Devils' is sung as the two forces go head to head.

The action moves swiftly to the Court of Augustus where Caesar is becoming increasingly frustrated with his wife, who is a shopaholic. Unable to keep up with her extravagance, Caesar loses his temper and promises to tax the whole world!

As the story continues on the road to Bethlehem, 'This Time Tomorrow' is sung as Mary and Joseph are convinced that the baby will arrive that evening. However, they may not make it to Bethlehem in time as their donkey, Doris, appears to be particularly stubborn and won't "stir her stumps". However, just like a miracle, David, a little shepherd boy, enters and whispers a magic word in Joseph's ear that he promises will not only get the donkey moving but also dancing! The secret word does the trick and with a simple "Yee-ha!" the 'Donkey Dance' follows.

Yet the miracle doesn't last long as a devilish tax inspector makes an appearance and demands fifty-three shekels from Mary and Joseph. Unable to pay, the inspector tries to take Doris away but ever the angelic creature, the donkey remains rooted to the spot and Mary and Joseph are able to continue to Bethlehem. It seems as though the battle between the angels and devils is going to be a close one!

With the wicked ideas flowing, the devils send someone to book every room in the inn so there is no room for Mary and Joseph when they arrive. Overjoyed with their antics, 'Lets Bop' is sung in celebration. Feeling desperate, Joseph and Mary sing 'No Room at the Inn' and, as we all know, good things come to those who wait, and luckily the angels call upon the innkeeper's wife, who sympathises with Mary's predicament and can't bear to see her give birth on the street, consequently offering her a stable.

As the baby is born, the action moves to the fields where the shepherds are busy working (or playing cards?) Distracted by the star in the sky, the angels appear to reassure them that they should follow it to Bethlehem during 'New Star in the Sky.' It appears the angels are in the lead as a stream of visitors make their way to the stable, (not only the shepherds but wise men as well) and are overwhelmed at what they find lying in a manger. 'This Little King' is sung as everyone admires baby Jesus.

Yet the peaceful atmosphere is disturbed as the tax inspector makes a surprise appearance, demanding the money! It appears everything may go horribly wrong, but as if there couldn't be enough miracles in one night, the inspector is charmed by the baby's face and makes a swift exit, but not before giving Mary and Joseph a tax rebate of twenty shekels!

Unfortunately Mary and Joseph's sleep is disturbed (not just by a crying baby!) as Joseph hears a voice in his head telling him to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt as King Herod is on his way to kill the baby.

As they leave, the play returns to the scoreboard between the angels and devils. As it is revealed that one of the devils divulged Herods plans in order to save Jesus, he is welcomed into the arms of the angels and a happy ending pleases everyone (well, except the devils!) 'The Nativity Story' ends the show as everyone is reminded about why we celebrate Christmas.

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This proved ideal for our small Primary School - an easy set for a small stage

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